Scénar Maison "Wolf Pack"

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Scénar Maison "Wolf Pack"

Message par Admiral von Kamenski le Mar 27 Juin - 13:17

Ce scénario est fait pour tester les attaques en meute des U-Boot allemands principalement

Wolf Pack

Fleets: The defending  player has five Fleet Allocation Points, and choose his fleet freely. In a Priority Level: Patrol game, the defender will also have three civilian ship points chosen from the Civilian Shipping Chapter ("Victory at Sea" Rule Book or "Order of Battle" Supplement). For every increase in Priority Level above Patrol, he receives another three civilian ship point. At Priority Level: War, fleet would therefore have fifteen civilian ship points. The attacker has three Fleet Allocation points and must have at least 70% of it constituted by submarines vessels in terms of Allocation points, not in numbers of ships. Neither fleet may use land-based aircraft.

Pre-Battle Preparation: The defending player deploys up to 3 allocation fleet points and all the civilian ships, in the deployment zone, except for subs which may be treated according to the rule. The attacker then records  in what 12" square his subs are on a paper sheet. The Subs will then be revealed as normal during the game. The surface ships are then placed on the table.

Aircraft: Carriers in the attacker’s fleet may start with all of their flights in the air at the start of the game. Carriers in the defending fleet may start with only one of their flights in the air at the start of the game.

Conditions: Roll a die. On a five or more, the battle takes place using the Bad Weather rules. Roll a second die. On a six, the battle takes place using the Night Battle rules

Scenario Rules: At the start of turn 6, the defender player roll a die, he must roll a 5+.On a successfull roll, he may add the ships he didn't deploy at the beginning of the game. These ships enter from one of the defender table edge. The defender is not required to move all his ships on the same turn, but they must be moved on from the same edge on the further turns. On a failed roll, he may re roll next turn with a +1 cumulative bonus.

Game Length:  The game continues until one side have left the table, or all the Civilian Ships have either been destroyed or have left the table. On turn 12 the attacking player must start withdrawing through one of his edges.

Victory and Defeat: This scenario uses Victory Points in order to determine who wins. However, the attacker will gain a five points bonus for every civilian ship  he manages to completely destroy. The defender gains a five points bonus for every civilian ship he manages to move off the exit edge marked on the map. For the purposes of tactical withdrawal, the short edges are considered to belong to the defender while the long table edges belong to the attacker. The withdrawal of any attacking ship doesn't give any victory point to the defender.
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