Scénar Maison "Landing"

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Scénar Maison "Landing"

Message par Admiral von Kamenski le Mar 27 Juin - 13:13

J'ai rédigé le scénar en anglais pour "faire" Victory at Sea, mais je peux vous le faire en français. Le fichier joint reprend le schéma de déploiement

Fleets: Players have five Fleet Allocation Points and choose their fleets freely. In a Priority Level: Patrol game, the attacker will also choose two MTP patrol ship points from the Motor Torpedo Boats chapter (PT boats, LCP/LCVP, LCM; only). For every increase in Priority Level above Patrol, he receives another two MTP patrol ship points. At Priority Level: War, fleet would therefore have ten MTP patrol ship points. The attacker may have minesweeping vessels. The defending fleet must have at least three points of  Shore Batteries, may use mine fields as described in the appropriate chapter, submarines, and land-based aircrafts; the attacker may not.

Pre-Battle Preparation: The defending player deploys his entire fleet excepted for subs no more than 12” from its defending edge. The attacker then deploys his entire fleet excepted for subs between 24” and 36” from the defending edge. The minefields may only be deployed in the Neutral Zone.
Aircraft: Carriers in the attacker’s fleet may start with all of their flights in the air at the start of the game. Carriers in the defending fleet may start with only one of their flights in the air at the start of the game. Land-based aircraft, if present, may be used as normal.
Conditions: For landing operation it is assumed that it’s on daylight and clear weather
Scenario Rules: The Splitting Fleet Allocation points rule from "Order of  Battle" supplement  doesn’t apply. Players may split their allocation points as they wish according to "Victory at Sea" Rule Book. Shore batteries guns under 6” may be used as AA weapons with a range of  8”. Guns strictly under 10” may split their fire on multiple targets as soon as these targets are designated before rolling AD.
Game Length: The game continues until all the LCP/LCM ships have either been destroyed or have landed.
Victory and Defeat: This scenario uses Victory Points to determine who wins. The attacking player gains a two point bonus for every LCP/LCVP, LCM landing on the beach. The defending player gains a two point bonus for every Landing Craft he destroys.
If the Landing Crafts make a tactical withdrawal, they are considered to be destroyed with regards to Victory Points – if the attacker  manages to land, he will have done a great deal of damage to the defending player’s occupation of that region of the globe.
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